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Introducing the world’s first sustainable Galaxy S21 FE case. Like many Pela phone cases, the eco-friendly Samsung S21 FE case is made from bioplastic materials like our signature Flaxstic blend and comes in a variety of styles and designs. With a soft feel that offers extra grip and is pleasant to hold, you can keep your device from flying out of your hands. And if it does, the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE case is also shock-absorbing and impact-resistant. This means the Galaxy S21 FE case can take on accidental drops and everyday hard knocks with its superior drop protection

Choose from several Samsung Galaxy S21 FE case colors to suit your tastes as well as beautifully designed etchings. Many of Pela’s phone cases also match our other countless accessories to create one cohesive look across all your devices. Our Samsung Galaxy S21 FE wallet cases also hold two cards for on-the-go moments. Whatever your lifestyle, Pela’s high-performing, compostable Galaxy S21 FE case has you covered, protecting your device and the Earth all at once. 

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Searching for a different device? Pela offers a huge collection of Samsung phone cases to accommodate whatever make and model you own. We also offer other Android cases for the Google Pixel and even Apple iPhones. Team Apple or Android, whatever your device preference is, discover a shock-absorbing phone case to offer incredible drop protection that keeps your device safe and sound. 

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