Pixel 5a 5G Cases from Pela Case

Protect your sleek Google Pixel 5a 5G with a sustainable Pixel 5a 5G case. Beautifully designed and soft to the touch, our Google Pixel 5a 5G cases are made with eco-friendly materials like flax shive and plant-based polymers. This means, when you’re done with your Pixel 5a 5G case, you can simply toss it into the compost. Or better yet, participate in our 360 Program and send it to us. We can upcycle your Google Pixel 5a 5G phone case into another phone accessory or recycle it properly. 

Nature-inspired Designs and Color Options

Choose from multiple color options and engraved nature-inspired images to show your love for this big blue marble we call Earth. And with a soft texture and grip, it’s as comfortable as it is secure. It feels amazing in your hands and offers extra grip to prevent your phone from flying. 

And remember: protecting your phone is about much more than cost and convenience. A durable Pixel 5a 5G phone case keeps your Pixel device from winding up in a landfill sooner. Designed with a shock-resistant material, each Pixel 5a 5G case offers superior drop protection, reducing e-waste one shattered phone at a time. And say so long to single-use plastic or glass screen protectors. Add extra protection with our Canopy liquid screen protector, a zero-waste liquid glass that coats the screen. Protect your phone and the planet!

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Explore the numerous styles and color options of our Pixel 5a 5G cases. Looking for a different Pixel phone case? We carry phone cases for earlier models from the Google Pixel series, along with Apple iPhones and Samsungs. Shop our entire collection of plastic-free phone cases and accessories to live a more sustainable lifestyle.