iPhone 12 Pro Case

Sustainable iPhone 12 Pro Phone Cases

You’ve got your hands on the latest and greatest phone from Apple. Now it’s time to make sure it’s safe and protected until it’s time to upgrade (which, hopefully, is a long time from now). Pela’s compostable iPhone 12 Pro phone cases are designed to perfectly fit your 12 Pro’s epic proportions without limiting access to the cameras, flashes, ports or any of its premium functions. Plus, they come in a huge variety of styles to help you show your personality.


These cases are specifically designed for the iPhone 12 Pro, so they highlight the best parts of your device — its roomy all-screen OLED display and multiple camera lenses. Enveloping it in high-quality, compostable material, each iPhone 12 Pro phone case from Pela will ensure reliable bump and drop protection so you can feel good about taking your phone with you wherever you go. Looking for cases for the iPhone 12 Pro Max? We’ve got those too!


An iPhone 12 Pro Case for Everyone

Pela is proud to offer a huge variety of stylish iPhone 12 Pro cases to honor your preferences and sense of style. Choose from a variety of clear, solid-colored and artfully inspired designs to turn your 12 Pro into your favorite accessory. We’ve also got iPhone 12 Pro wallet cases for all you minimalists out there who want to protect your phone with the added bonus of a portable place to stash the essentials. They’re also made to be easy to put on and take off so you can swap ’em out with your mood! Be sure to check out all of our iPhone cases to find a style just for you.