Want to live a more sustainable lifestyle and help the environment? Then cut back on your electronic waste  – and all waste, for that matter with Pela’s compostable iPhone 13 Pro Max phone case. Our unique blend of Flaxstic® and plant-based biopolymers allows you to discard your iPhone 13 Pro Max case directly in your home compost. Never worry about toxic chemical residues permeating the earth’s soil, waterways or even your backyard garden. Not to mention, it can save your phone from winding up as e-waste sooner than expected and necessary. 

Both sustainable and durable to withstand drops and everyday wear and tear, our iPhone 13 Pro Max case has everything you need. Plus, you can keep the screen protected from microscopic chips and dents with the Canopy liquid glass screen protector. Each iPhone 13 Pro Max cover offers a gorgeous look that completes your style, too. Discover an array of nature-inspired and hand-carved illustrations, as well as color tones and hues to suit your personal taste. 

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