iPhone 13 Pro Cases That Are Stylish and Sustainable

Wish the earth was cleaner? So does Pela. Discover the first sustainable and compostable iPhone 13 Pro case. With green materials that can break down in soil in a matter of weeks, Pela’s iPhone 13 Pro cases are as sustainable as it gets. With a unique blend of Flaxstic® and plant-based biopolymers, you can toss your phone case in the compost without worrying over toxic chemicals winding up in our oceans and waterways. 

Green-friendly and practical, each iPhone 13 Pro cover features a comfortable, soft and smooth feel in the hand and a grippable texture. With complete durability and extreme drop protection, the iPhone 13 Pro case prevents cracks and fractures in case of an accidental drop. That way, your phone stays protected and lasts many years to come, minimizing e-waste and keeping it out of the landfill. You can even protect the screen with our Canopy liquid glass. By taking care of your device, you take care of the environment, too. 

Remember: There is no Planet B. That’s why Pela is proud to offer the most compostable, sustainable phone cases for earth-loving humans like yourself. Click to explore a range of vibrant colors with beautifully illustrated, hand-engraved patterns that inspire and motivate you to be good to the earth.